About us:

We would like to introduce our company as a partner for your corporation, Orient Recruitment Co. is a Ukrainian company, locate in KIEV and planned to be the leader in Recruiting business depending on the high quality of services through a high qualified staff. As long as to help saving time and efforts we have a special data system which allows us to make a short listing with no time and to obtain requested applications and job vacancies by searching in updated Cvs and specifications which give you the exact candidates and specifications you asked to have them in.

Our vision:

Orient would like to become your partner in success and the recruitment partner of choice for both our clients and candidates as well as being a leader and role model in providing quality recruitment services in Ukraine and Arab region.

Our mission:

to continually provide professional and personalized total recruitment solutions to our discerning clients in Ukraine and Arab region and build long-term relationships of mutual benefit with all client and candidates through bring the appropriates and the proper companies together at the first time, every time.


Based on the criteria of job specification that Orient will be provided, Orient will be able to deliver within a maximum of 3 weeks a shortlist of candidates for each required position.

We go through seven stages described as below:

Job Assignment:

Once a Recruitment Service Contract is dully signed, an account Manager is assigned to handle all job assignments of a client so that our client shall benefit from a single point of contact during the whole recruitment process. Such assignment is based on our Recruiter’s area of experience that best match with the client’s area of business to ensure job efficiently, fulfilled at the shortest time.

Job Analysis:

We conduct in-depth understanding of the client’s scope of business, culture and objectives, by which, we identify our client’s business needs and the criteria of required candidates are looked for as the roadmap to our search. We draw candidates either through our rich in-house database, the network of alliances, or our selective business associates in various governorates, headhunting customizing search strategy according to required position.


We interact briefly by phone with potential candidates are aligned with required criteria in order to get a better idea of their ability to present themselves verbally. We look for candidates’ hard skills required to do the job, personal attributes & salary expectations to ensure candidate’s expectations are in line with the clients’ budget. By which process, we come up with a short-list of candidates to get interviewed more thoroughly to probe more deeply into each candidate’s most relevant skills and experience if needed. We may also conduct a technical assessment i.e. defined and approved by the client.


Through the identification of the key requirements of the job and a list of question is drawn up, the overall scores are considered and the best candidate is chosen to get briefed about culture, objectives, benefits, facilities, etc. of our client. While their CVs are being sent to our client, will be supported by a comprehensive report about each candidate i.e. highly developed by Orient , by which our client should be easily able to decide about a candidate.

Client Interview:

Once we receive our client’s interest of a candidate, we arrange interview schedule at the client’s convenience. Also, we provide the full setup for presentations/interviews/video conferences.


We actively participate in the selection process. We may provide contacts for reference checks and/or verify credentials and employment histories; if requested by the client. We may also assist in the negotiation of the financial package to reach to a package acceptable to both parties.

Visa Processing:

We provide a distinguished visa processing service tailored for overseas recruitment, suggesting the best solutions are acceptable by related consulate to smoothly get the visa stamp at the shortest possible time. We also provide a comprehensive weekly report against a timetable so that our client shall be always updated with required documents, undertaken procedures & visas are in our custody as well as shall get always alerted with visa validity/expiry dates for his best utilization.

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